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Who is Selim Tarım? 

Selim TARIM was born in Rize- Pazar/ Hemşin. He started his music career at the age of 3 with a block flute and continued with a local instrument, the tulum. Over time, he added flute, guitar, keyboard and harmonica to these instruments. Selim Tarım, who took on duties in video and sound recording studios, used his experience in this field effectively by blending it with music. His album 'BIR NEFES' took its place in music markets in June 2014 with Anadolu music label and met with music lovers.

He prepared a jumpsuit project called "The Story of a Breath 1 and 2" and took steps to promote his culture. At the same time, together with Davut Engin and İbrahim Tosun, he put the ethnic instrument bag among the mobile phone virtual instrument applications and broke new ground in the most realistic virtual instrument application in the App Store.

Selim TARIM is one of the 4 main characters of the program called 'Our Fuel Music' broadcast on TRT MÜZİK screens. He is the music coordinator of the worldwide award-winning Musixen app. In addition, he founded an orchestra called 'Modern Anatolian Symphony' and is conducting and compositing.

"3 Remaining to the Black Sea" Project Album "Look at destiny; Look at the chance!' contributed to his work.

"My Dried Leaves" to the "4 Remaining Black Sea" Project Album. contributed to his work.

He composed one of the poems of the famous poet Metin Altiok and took part in the Metin Altiok album project, which consists of 27 artists.

Selim TARIM, who thinks that the instrumentalist side outweighs the soloist, attaches great importance to his stage friends and thinks that every individual on the stage is the main source of the work. He makes arrangements in the field of album recordings, documentary-film music, and concentrates on his compositions. By making demo recordings on anonymous works that have not surfaced; continues its efforts to meet them with the public.

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